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vanity fair analysis, national design awards July 29, 2006

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It was apparent to me that the August VANITY FAIR article was a hit piece before reading the article. According to conde nast’s media kit for Vanity Fair, only 22% of Vanity Fair readers are men, with over 90% of their readers having an annual income of over $75,000.

As a female with a bit of experience in the marketing field, it is my conclusion that the Vanity Fair article is alienating to the majority of their audience demographics. I have created a visual analyis of the article. A Designer’s Analysis of Vanity Fair’s “Click Here for Conspiracy”.

While preparing for a California vacation two weeks ago, an article from designobserver.com captured my attention.

Five graphic designers selected as winners of the prestigious National Design Award of Communication Design formally declined to accept their awards at the White House. These graphic designers showed leadership by taking a stand based on integrity. Bravo to Michael Rock, Susan Sellers, Georgie Stout, Paula Scher and Stefan Sagmeister!

Inspired by this refreshing news of FIVE designers, an ACDU PUBLIC NOTICE of Constitutional Campaign caught my imagination.

Jim Hoffman of 911Research.com will be speaking in the Kansas City area on September 2.

Here is a useful online color calculator. Note the handy feature of copying your color combination picks to a clipboard.