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changes in heart September 3, 2007

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At this dangerous time in history, I choose to pray for their change of hearts. Genuine change of heart has ability to transform any fellow human being at any moment, including this one.

With a sense of eerie deja vu, I have published a Tribute to Five pdf file, from covering an inspirational civil disobedience action in Kansas City just before the Iraq invasion.

After a five month haitus, I am pleased to announce that I have recently rejoined the 9-11 Research team.

To truly see,
we look with our hearts.

I Ching

boys summer
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AE911Truth video, McGovern newly on YouTube July 14, 2007

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The May 29 video clip of architect Richard Gage at Manitoba is extremely impressive. I encourage everyone to share it with other professionals and encourage their membership. This excellent video clip can be found at the top left of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website.

I currently have ten videos available at YouTube (mainly of Ray McGovern) which greatly simplifies watching them. Important messages and rare insights about hotbutton current issues therein.

mcgov at kcks college

concrete reflection June 17, 2007

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Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere.

Two new readers have recently asked a complex question. Which 9-11 organizations do I most support and why? They may be surprised by my conclusions, which I will publish here in the near future.

This Father’s Day finds me contemplating the all around strength of my own father. The oldest of  six boys, his childhood was difficult but he overcame obstacles to become a successful and inspirational person.

Great book that I am currently reading Tao Mentoring. Recently I excitedly avowed myself a striving Taoist which changes nothing yet changes everything.

In 2003, an editor friend and myself collaborated on a photojournalism book from my hundreds of photos of the intense pre-Iraq attack protests in KC.

grateful, jan

Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people’s approval
and you will be their prisoner
Lao Tzu

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mid-june misc. June 14, 2007

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After 18 months as a volunteer staff member of 9-11 Research, I resigned on April 6th. 9-11 Research has contributed an enormous amount of research related to the September 11th attacks and subsequent cover-up without ever having paid staff. I continue to enthusiastically support Jim Hoffman and his exceptional team.

Due to surgery last winter I thankfully returned to the lost habit of book reading. During recuperation and beyond, the comfort book that I most reached for was this Tao Te Ching

Very useful articles about website design and related issues.

brewer and shipley

McGovern videos, nature June 8, 2007

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About a year ago, a historian whom I generally respect mentioned that following the JFK period approximately 50% of the JFK authors were government plants. This begs the question of whether a critical issue like 9-11 would be any less infiltrated…

Along with about 150 others, I attended a Heartwood restorative Forest Council in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks on Memorial Day weekend. The oak hickory forests in the Mark Twain National Forest are under the dire risk of being logged in the next two years, truly an urgent situation. (updated news about this issue later)
Photo album from the weekend’s scenic beauty area and a handful of citizens who wish to have our natural areas preserved.

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best of 2006 responses, misc. January 3, 2007

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I have recieved dozens of positive responses to DSD’s The Best of 9/11 Truth Media 2006 list. The page generated 900 visitors in two days time, a respectable number of readers. DSD’s first Best of 2005 list has had nearly 5000 visitors.

There are many individuals who have sacrificed a great deal to increase public awareness surrounding the 9-11 issue. It seems worthwhile that significant projects (mostly volunteer) be recognized. Casting light on sincere efforts also serves to inspire and encourage new creative ideas.

Each of us are free to constantly think outside the box.

Many creative people underestimate the visual benefit of using appropriate digital color. Here ia a good resource for deciding whether your text color is legible against a specific background color HTML Basics: Choosing A Color (click on text sample for an interactive color chart)

Surprisingly “Kumla recipe” has consistenly been in the top three of my search phases this year (though only a reference and not my recipe). I have added my Kumla recipe (a delicious staple dinner in my Des Moines childhood).

very grateful, jan

dsd’s best of 2006 9/11 truth media list January 1, 2007

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Happy New Year! Since I am still very much on (highly inconvenient) bed rest and thus unable to venture over to my friend’s NY party, I have taken opportunity to create the Second Annual 2006 Best of 9/11 Truth Media by Digital Style Designs. A great deal of research went into the creation of the list, mostly snippets collected over several months. There may be minor revision over the next few days.

Wishing you and yours a happy New Year and health and prosperity in 2007!

news link October 14, 2006

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Emanuel Sferios of the National 9-11 Visibility Project has shared a beautiful farewell letter with supporters and friends.

Jim Hoffman has contributed yet another excellent analysis: The NIST WTC Report, A Presentation by Kevin Ryan.

very grateful, jan

new photo album September 23, 2006

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Photos of the Jim Hoffman Science Applied to the WTC Collapses of September 1 and 2.

misc. September 14, 2006

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I’ve been one to go on rants about the negative effects of over competition (and will walk away because of it). Motivation driven by a sense of keen competition may be productive in the near term, but competiiton eventually becomes nemesis to real friendship and altruistic cooperation for the greater good.

It truly does feel like a unique shifting time in history, when the forces of light, compassion and positive energy need to be considered in each one of our communications. It is important to be forgiving to others and ourselves. None of us are perfect and we ALL make mistakes.

very grateful, jan