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best of 2006 responses, misc. January 3, 2007

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I have recieved dozens of positive responses to DSD’s The Best of 9/11 Truth Media 2006 list. The page generated 900 visitors in two days time, a respectable number of readers. DSD’s first Best of 2005 list has had nearly 5000 visitors.

There are many individuals who have sacrificed a great deal to increase public awareness surrounding the 9-11 issue. It seems worthwhile that significant projects (mostly volunteer) be recognized. Casting light on sincere efforts also serves to inspire and encourage new creative ideas.

Each of us are free to constantly think outside the box.

Many creative people underestimate the visual benefit of using appropriate digital color. Here ia a good resource for deciding whether your text color is legible against a specific background color HTML Basics: Choosing A Color (click on text sample for an interactive color chart)

Surprisingly “Kumla recipe” has consistenly been in the top three of my search phases this year (though only a reference and not my recipe). I have added my Kumla recipe (a delicious staple dinner in my Des Moines childhood).

very grateful, jan


new photo album September 23, 2006

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Photos of the Jim Hoffman Science Applied to the WTC Collapses of September 1 and 2.

misc. September 14, 2006

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I’ve been one to go on rants about the negative effects of over competition (and will walk away because of it). Motivation driven by a sense of keen competition may be productive in the near term, but competiiton eventually becomes nemesis to real friendship and altruistic cooperation for the greater good.

It truly does feel like a unique shifting time in history, when the forces of light, compassion and positive energy need to be considered in each one of our communications. It is important to be forgiving to others and ourselves. None of us are perfect and we ALL make mistakes.

very grateful, jan

media rant September 11, 2006

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Yesterday, in the familiar capacity of a founding board member of kcinymedia.org (2002), I acted as independent media for a 9-11 focused protest at Mill Creek Park. In this indymedia reporter’s role, I took dozens of photographs and an hour’s worth of videotape of the 9-11 protest with the specific purpose of sharing a photo album from that protest (and video soon).

Today, on this fifth anniversary, I will shed all other hats and proudly wear the personal hat of concerned citizen of the United States. Foremost, as a U.S. citizen today, I will be holding a Stop the 9-11 Cover-Up sign, whether it be solo or with a few we can drum up. Let history show that this anniversary met with at least a few citizens who made sincere, valiant attempts at independent public outreach in this US media aided complicity cover-up. Just as they paint America as solidly pro-war, the portayal of blind nationalistist patriotism surrounding 9-11 demands that we contribute to the corporate news media rendering itself obsolete

news feature, design inspiration September 10, 2006

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Feature article about Jim Hoffman recent speaking events in Kansas City “Visiting Researcher Questions Government Claims” (available in pdf or jpg file).

Design inspiration can be gleaned from a variety of sources. About two weeks ago, I needed to quickly create a Science Applied color flyer and logo. That evening, John Fogerty played at Starlight Theatre. The concert’s light show was incredible. While closely studying Fogerty’s colorful light show, I chose the colors for the Science Applied flyer and logo. John Fogerty sang the beautiful song “de ja vu”, which elicited a stream of tears. Listening to Cindy’s voice has always produced this exact same response in me. What difficult times we live in.

new photos and misc. September 8, 2006

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Have just published photos from theĀ “Applied Science to The WTC Collapses” event.

Many science and engineering types attended (note pens in dress shirts pockets). One audience member described Jim as “articulate, eloquent and succinct” who had “the audience weighing his every word.”. Another described the audience as “paying rapt attention”. Though the photos don’t show most of the two audiences, there were also a significant amount of students in attendence. One family even drove in from Columbia with their two MU science students.
Jim’s presentation directly changed a conservative, friend of mine’s defense of the official investigations.

Three brief videos of Jim Hoffman are available for viewing here. Forgive the video juggling, especially in the opening video. We arrived at the last possible milisecond so there was zero set up time.

Dos Mundos, the largest circulation hispanic newspaper in Kansas City has published a great feature article about the Science Applied event. Watch the Science Applied page for the scan tomorro

report back, september 6th September 5, 2006

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Watch this space Wednesday, Sept. 6th for a full report back and video clips from Sept. 2, Kansas City Jim Hoffman presentations and radio interview.

messaging midwest August 31, 2006

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Just dropped off my event backdrop banner file and hope it turns out stunningly. Wide format, display design is always fun.

Only 13 days allowed for planning the SCIENCE APPLIED To The WTC Collapses event, and its success or failure will be a testament whether networking with local individuals who are well informed about the 9/11 issue and determinedly trying to effect change can pull a speaker event off this hurridly. There simply has not been time or money for any formal advertising or preregistration system.

9/11 Researcher Jim Hoffman Speaking to Kansas City
Saturday Sept. 2, at The Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Kansas City
Times: 1:00-2:30 AND 7-9 PM, Admission $8.00 (two differing presentations)
More information and flyers

misc. August 29, 2006

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Peter McCandless will be interviewing Jim Hoffman on the PeterMac show at 5 pm tonight, so be sure to listen if you can. Station is KCXL, 1140 on the AM dial.

Due to scheduling circumstances outside of control (deadline of plane fare rebate and two vacations), there was less than two weeks (13 days) to put this event together.

Before vacation, I had wasted two weeks trying to find someone educated enough about 9-11 to debate Jim, or even give equal time to the official investigations. Contacted about 75 people, including area political science professors, and no one was willing. Then a friend advised me this was a futile direction (which it absolutely was in hindsight). No one willing to debate Hoffman. Who would have thunk?

More information and publicity resources:

methods August 26, 2006

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I never watch television, but occasionally hear its noise pollution. It seems as if they’re especially revving up the propaganda campaign for the upcoming anniversary of the horrific event. In a recent discussion with my associates, I mentioned having recently reviewed 9-11 Research’s page about leading newspaper’s headlines of that awful day. Jim has nailed an important aspect of the discussion.